Pension Performance Review

How it Works:

1. Submit details

Initiate the pension performance review process by filling out a simple form on our website. We only use your information for the pension performance comparison and keep it safe.

2. Phone call

You will receive a friendly telephone call from us regarding your pension performance review. We provide you with enough information so that you can come to an informed decision as to whether you’d like to use our free, regulated service.

3. Decision Time

At this stage, you will need to make the decision as to whether you would like our help. Keep in mind that there is no obligation to continue at any stage of the process.

4. Your Matched Up

Our team will match your enquiry to the most suitable advisor that is local to you. We have a vast network of friendly, regulated IFA’S across the UK.

5. Documentation

Pension Wide UK schedules either a face to face appointment with you at a suitable time or your cherished documents can be collected via our secure channel. Our team provides all the documentation so all you need to do is sign it to initiate your pension performance review.

6. We analyse

Our financial advisors systematically asses, compare and evaluate your pension plan as well as the money you are being charged. We are impartial which means we will only recommend changing your pension plan if its beneficial

7. Pension Performance Report

We create a personalised report for you outlining our professional recommendation. The process of reading a financial review can be quite daunting so we arrange a convenient time with you and offer to talk you through it on the phone

8. We Assist

Once all your information has been collated and compared we ensure that you are paying the lowest possible charges paired with the best performing pension available to you.

9. Peace of Mind

Rest assured that you have complete control over your pension and it has been professionally reviewed through our pension performance review service.

10. Beyond

If we have done our job correctly by this stage, you will now have your own financial advisor to work with you throughout your latter years of employment assisting you along the way by making sure you pay the lowest charges achieve the best performance whilst maintaining full control over your pension and total transparency in how your funds are invested.

Can you afford not to contact us?

A standard pension that has a fee of 3% can cost you a total of £1,200 per year in fees. That's £24,000 over 20 years

Here at Pension Wide UK the typical pension pot we review is around £40,000 with a fee of roughly 3%.

Thanks to our systematic pension performance review the total cost per year on a pension pot of £40,000 could be as little as £400. That is a saving of £16,000!


Pension performance review

Apply for our free FCA regulated pension performance review

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